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We are a MOM registered maid agency with accreditations from the AEAS, Philippines Embassy and Indonesian Embassy. We are currently specialized in providing Filipino maids. Other maids from Indonesia and Myanmar will be available in the future. 

News & Updates:
21st May 2013 - CnC Maid Agencies has its own Facebook page now! Do "like" it!
13th April 2013 - The Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) is now available! Click here for the details of the CTG.
13th April 2013 - Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Grants are now available from the Ministry of Health for households with mild disabled elderly! Click here for the details.

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Why Choose CnC Maid Agencies?
#1) High Success Rate:
Up till 1st April 2013, none of the Filipino maids from our agency have reported being homesick since 2011. None of the maids' employers have complained about being homesick as well. All of our Filipino maids are working happily in their jobs and none of them have asked for a change in maid employer.

#2) Close Working Relationship:
We work closely with all the parties involved to ensure our continued success in assigning the right maid to the right maid employer. Our focus is on the people: the maid employer's family, the maid, and the maid's family. 

#3) Good Maid Training
Our Maid Agency ensures that all of our maids from Philippines undergo a 2-week training in a Philippines government certified training center and a further 1-week training in the Philippines Overseas Workers Wellfare Administration (OWWA), a Philippines labour training organisation.

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